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2010 Officer & Councilor Elections

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on November 4, 2009 at 2:08 PM Comments comments (0)

The Eastern NY Local Section will be holding Officer and Councilor Elections for 2010.  Ballots can be mailed in or brought to the Novermber 19th meeting.

Please Vote by using the 2010 ballot and ballot signature!  :D


Buck-Whitney to Stanislaus Wong

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on October 28, 2009 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Stanislaus Wong will receive the 2009 Buck-Whitney Award at the November 19th Section Meeting to take place at Albany Nanotech.  Dr. Wong will present the Buck-Whitney Award Address entitled:

Chemical Strategies in Nanoscience

In the first part of the talk, we update selected chemical strategies used for the focused functionalization of single walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) surfaces. In recent years, SWNTs have been treated as legitimate nanoscale chemical reagents. Hence, herein we seek to understand, from a structural and mechanistic perspective, the breadth and types of controlled covalent reactions SWNTs can undergo in solution phase, not only at ends and defect sites but also along sidewalls. Controllable chemical functionalization suggests that the unique optical, electronic and mechanical properties of SWNTs can be much more readily tuned than ever before, with key implications for the generation of truly functional nanoscale working devices.

In the second part of the talk, environmentally friendly synthetic methodologies have gradually been implemented as viable techniques in the synthesis of a range of nanostructures. In this work, we focus on the application of green chemistry principles to the synthesis of complex metal oxide and fluoride nanostructures. In particular, we describe advances in the use of hydrothermal and modified template techniques as environmentally sound, socially responsible, and cost-effective methodologies that allow us to generate nanomaterials without the need to sacrifice on sample quality, purity, crystallinity, in addition to control over size and shape.

Skidmore Ass't Professor Position

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on October 20, 2009 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (1)

The Department of Chemistry at Skidmore College invites applications from qualified individuals for a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level beginning Fall 2010.

ENY Section, Election Nominees

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on October 14, 2009 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This year's Eastern NY Section Nominees are as follows; all are running unopposed.

Chair Elect - Tina Ovitt
Secretary - Harry Garber
Treasurer - Harmon Tunison
Councilor - Warren Hull
Alternate Councilor - Joanne Kehlbeck

Chair Elect - Tina Ovitt

Chemist - SI Group, Inc., 2005 - present.

Previous Work History
NatureWorks LLC (formerly Cargill Dow LLC), Senior Process/Product Development
Chemist, 2001-2005.

St. Lawrence University, B.S. with Honors in Chemistry and Psychology, summa cum laude, 1996.
Cornell University, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, 2001.

Service in Minnesota Section of ACS
Chair-Elect, 2004-2005.
Service in ENY Section of ACS
Education Committee, 2007 - present.

Secretary - Harry Garber

Brief Biography
Harry Garber earned a BS degree in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University in 1970, an MS degree in Analytical Chemistry from MIT in 1975, and an MS degree in Forensic Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in 1979. Since 1980 he has been employed as a Forensic Toxicologist at the New York State Police Crime Laboratory. In the Eastern New York Section ACS (member since 1980), he has served the three-year Program Chair - Chair - Nominating Chair cycle, sandwiched between two three-year stints as Arrangements Committee Chair. He has organized symposia in Forensic Chemistry during three Northeast Regional Meetings (NERMs) of the ACS (June 1989, June 1997, and June 2003) hosted by our Local Section. He has been Secretary since 1990.

I welcome the opportunity to continue serving as your Secretary.

Treasurer - Harmon Tunison

Brief Biography
I am a senior chemist at the Knolls Atomic Power Lab (KAPL) in Niskayuna NY where I currently work in the ceramics development lab. My career, at KAPL has ranged from traditional analytical chemistry development to advanced materials research. I obtained by BA in chemistry from Shippensburg University of PA and my Master's in Analytical chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. After working for several years I obtained my Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry and analytical electrochemistry from the University of Nebraska. I have been the treasurer of the section for the past ten years and would like to have your vote to continue in this position for the section.

Councilor - Warren Hull

Warren D. Hull Jr.: Forensic Scientist IV - New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center, Building 30, 1220 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12226-3000. 1973- present.
SUNY at Albany, B.S. Chemistry, 1970.

Service in ENY ACS
Member ACS since 1974; Continuing Education Committee, 1978-1985; Membership and Hospitality Committee, 1979-1986; National Chemistry Week Committee, 1989-1998; National Chemistry Week Tenth Anniversary Task Force member, International Committee, 1996-2004, VIP; President?s Club 1998, Executive Committee, 1988-present; Chair-Elect, 1988-1989; Chair, 1989-1990; Past Chair, 1991; Alternate Councilor, 1991-1993; Councilor, 1993-present.

Service in National ACS
Member of the Council Standing Committee on Membership Affairs, 2007-present; Recruitment and Retention MAC Subcommittee Chair, 2008-present; MAC liaison to the Admissions Committee, 2008-present; Associate Member of the Council Standing Committee on Membership Affairs, 2005-2006; Associate Member of the Council Standing Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, 2004; Member of the Council Standing Committee on Local Section Activities, 1998-2003; Member of the Canvassing Committee for the ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry, 1997-2000(Chair 1999-2000); LSAC liaison to the National Chemistry Olympiad Committee (1999-2003). LSAC representative to the NCW 2000 Task Force Retreat. LSAC liaison to Divisional Activities Committee (1999-2000). LSAC liaison to the Younger Chemist Committee (2001-2003).

Alternate Councilor - Joanne Kehlbeck

Brief Biography
Joanne D. Kehlbeck was a Mellon Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow (1990 and 1991) at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA working with Bruce Beaver. She received her BS in Chemistry (1992) from Duquesne in 1992. Her senior honors thesis involved kinetic studies of a pyrroles and tetrahydrocabazoles to probe initiation of the oxidative degradation of petroleum products. Kehlbeck continued her interest in physical organic chemistry in her doctoral studies with Stuart W. Staley at Carnegie Mellon University receiving her PhD in 1999. Her multidisciplinary doctoral work combines organic synthesis, ab initio molecular orbital calculations and NMR studies as tools to understand fundamental issues in charge transfer. In 1999 she moved to Yale University in New Haven, CT to complete postdoctoral studies under Alanna Schepartz, the Milton Harris '29 Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale. While there, Kehlbeck studied the chemical biology of protein?protein and protein?nucleic acid interactions and the design of very small, yet well-folded proteins that inhibit or promote protein-protein interactions with exceptional levels of specificity. In 2002 she took the position of Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Union College in Schenectady, NY. In 2008 she achieved tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor. She teaches organic chemistry, an advanced organic-medicinal chemistry course and biochemistry. Her research interests span a broad range of topics in chemical biology and organic chemistry, including design and synthesis of non-natural protein mimics, molecular enzymology, natural product fractionation and structure determination, and materials science.



Councilor's Report, 238th Nat'l Mtg.

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on September 17, 2009 at 10:38 AM Comments comments (0)

Mr. Warren Hull has provided a Councilor's Report from the 238th ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C.

NCD Volunteers Needed!

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on September 15, 2009 at 12:03 PM Comments comments (0)

National Chemistry Day Volunteers Needed!
Sunday, October 18, 2009, NYS Museum

Assistance is needed for:

Greeting table
Registration table
Poster Making table
Poster Contest judges
General help

If you can help, please contact Joanne Kehlbeck, kehlbecj@union.edu

Call for Nominations

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on September 11, 2009 at 2:44 PM Comments comments (0)

The Eastern New York Local Section will hold elections at the November monthly meeting. The following positions are open for election:

Local Section Officers

One (1) Councilor position\
One (1) Alternate Councilor position

A current listing of Local Section officers can be found on website. Click here.
A current listing of Local Section Councilors can also be found on the website. Click here

 Local Section members that wish to run for office should submit a brief biography highlighting their professional, academic, and any ACS service experience with their nomination. Nominations may be sent to Local Section Chair, Eric Davenport, by sending an email to enyacs@gmail.com.

Nominations close on September 30, 2009. A ballot will be generated in October and the election will take place at the November meeting. Instructions for mail-in votes will be provided with the ballots.

Eric Davenport
Chair, ENY ACS Local Section
(518) 289-5817

ENY Section wins ChemLuminary Award

Posted by E. James Schermerhorn on August 19, 2009 at 2:06 PM Comments comments (1)

Eastern New York Section wins ChemLuminary Award for

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section

Our section has been a finalist for this award previously, in the medium large size category.  This year we won the award for our 2008 activities.  Kudos to 2008 chair Mike Hagerman and all of the other leaders of the section!

Sunanda Sukumar accepted the award on behalf of the section.  Also in attendance at the ChemLuminary Awards event were ENY ACS Councilors Mary Carroll and Warren Hull, current ENY ACS member N. Sukumar, and past ENY ACS members Matthew Chan and Sara Paisner.